Frequently Asked Questions

What class do I enroll in?

The age guidelines are suggested in the class description. In general puppy classes are more socialization and beginning obedience is more discipline with no direct dog/dog socialization. Giant breed puppies that are 5 months old may go into beginning obedience with the understanding that they will not focus as well as an adult dog. 

Do I need to send my application In?

If you want to be assured a spot in class then mailing your application, payment and shot records early is needed. 

My dog is slightly aggressive, can he come to class?

Our classes are group training that teaches you how to train your dog. If you are experiencing very specific issues with dog aggression or human aggression those are typically handled better with one on one individual training.

How do I know if i'm signed up?

Once completed application, payment and vaccination you will be enrolled in class. Please come to Sign up night for the orientation without your dog. Responses will only be sent if the class fills and applications need to be rejected. 

What do I need for class​?
Training equipment includes a proper fitting collar that allows control of your dog, a 6' leash and lots of small treats. Additional equipment may be needed as classes progress or a change of equipment to allow for more control.

​​​For Class application Click Here: 2021 Class Application