2019 Classes


​​Any training questions may be sent to Amber Thomas at  Araethomas@outlook.com or call 219-393-0201.

Please allow some time for call backs as all our instructors are volunteers.

Classes are filled on a first come first served basis. Application and payment must be received to hold your position in classes.
Mail Completed Form, Payment (please make checks payable to TCDTC) and proof of vaccinations to arrive BEFORE sign-up night.  
Trail Creek dog Training Club P.O. Box 112 LaPorte, IN 46352

Session 3 Sign Up Jan. 2 @ 5:30pm, Classes Jan 7 to Feb 15, 2019
Session 4 Sign Up Feb 25 @ 5:30pm, Classes March 4 to April 12, 2019
Session 5 Sign Up April 23 @ 5:30pm, Classes April 29 to June 7, 2019

Download Class Application Form Here

All dogs adopted from an animal shelter or rescue organization and  
senior citizens (ages 65 and older) will receive a $10 discount for  
the first class taken at TCDTC.

Agility- 10:00 AM    $70

Dogs go through various obstacles like jumps, A-frame and tunnels. In the Beginning class obstacles are introduces safely and on lead. Developing confidence in the obstacles is the main concern. As the dogs advance, off lead and distance is encouraged.
Instructor, Joe Reese 219-363-4996


Beginning Obedience- 6:00pm  $80

For dogs 8 months of age and older. This class focuses in on teaching the basic obedience commands such as sit, down, come, heel. Additional items like greeting other people and not jumping are also taught. Class sizes will be limited to 4 participants in a 1/2 hour class. Handlers must be able to control their dogs, proper training equipment is required. This class is not for aggressive dogs.
Instructor, Amber Thomas - 219-393-0201 

Puppy Class - Time is to be determined after 5:00pm    $70
This class is meant for puppies that are under 6 months of age. Puppies will begin learning basic commands such as sit, down and come but the primary purpose is to teach good socialization skills with other dogs and people. This early socialization prevents many issues that may arise as puppies grow.
Instructors, Tammy Williams, Sheila Grimm, Stevi Weaver

Puppy Plus Class - Time is to be determined after 5:00pm   $70

This is a continuation of the puppy class for puppies that have taken a first puppy class but are not ready to advance into Beginning Obedience. Basi commands are continued as well as walking on leash and socialization skills. 
Instructors, Tammy Williams, Sheila Grimm, Stevi Weaver


Drop-In Obedience 9:00am ($5 per dog)

This is a drop in Competition Obedience class.  We do run-thru's with concentration on specific problem areas each team may have.  We do all levels; Novice, Open & Utility in all venues, AKC, UKC, CDSP, ASCA.  This is not a formal class, but a small group of competitors at all levels that take turns and work together. 
Anyone new should contact Dolly: call or text (219) 878-3499, or email torgesen@comcast.net.
Instructor, Dolly Torgesen 219-878-3499

Rally Obedience - 5:30 PM    $70

This class is for dogs and handlers that have the basic commands, Sit, Down, Heel, Come and are interested in pursuing the world of dog competitions. This is a great introductory sport that is new exhibitor friendly. Dog and handler work through a course of obstacle signs. Handlers are allowed to talk to there dogs through the course.

Instructor, Kim Smith 219-608-8719 

Drop-In Conformation - 6:00 PM ($5 per dog)

If temperature is over 85 in LaPorte, this class will not be held.

Learn the basics or improve your skills at the drop in conformation class. This class teaches new handlers or current handlers all the skills needed to go through competitive conformation shows.
Instructor, Jan Boggio  269-207-1863

Distance Agility - 7:00 PM    $70

This class may be taken by people who have trainer's approval. Advanced Agility is a prerequisite. This is a competition ready class.
Instructor, Joe Reese - 219-324-6009


Beginning Nosework 6:00 PM (Limit 4 Students)

Instructor, Connie Jankowski - 219-331-3512

Intermediate Agility - 5:30 PM    $70

Beginning Agility is a prerequisite to this class. A continuation of the previous skills are developed with a goal of being off lead.
Kallie Bontrager - 574-876-5983

Beginning Agility - 7:00 PM    $70

This class is great for dogs that know basic commands and need to burn off extra energy. Agility is a fun, fast pace, exiting event for dogs to be shown in. Dogs go through various obstacles like jumps, A-frame and tunnels. In the Beginning class obstacles are introduces safely and on lead. Developing confidence in the obstacles is the main concern.

Kallie Bontrager - 574-876-5983​


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